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28 Sep 2020
29Sep 2020

Enjoy Private Access to Carlton Nutrition Center

  • Al-Moaibed Fitness Center

    Adjacent to the Hotel’s main building, the Center provides state-of-the-art equipment for a complete workout and/or for relaxation:
    • Multi-weight station for the upper body
    • Freestanding weight machine for the lower body
    • Treadmills
    • Stationary bicycles
    • Stair climbers
    • Indoor running track

    You can access the fitness center by appointment only.

    The Carlton Nutrition Center helps you stay in shape by managing your nutrition, whether to lose or gain weight, treat a specific health problem, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    CNC dietitians will work with you to design the optimal program for your personal nutritional goals, tastes, diets or eating habits: vegetarians, pregnant and lactating women, overweight or underweight clients and children.

    Three meals are cooked fresh daily, packaged and delivered to your home or office, early in the morning. Each box contains breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, including snacks, with an ample array of main courses. Cuisines include Arabian, European, Far Eastern, Asian or South American.

    We care about your health and as a result, we:

    • Take a personal and confidential approach with each client
    • Take our time to evaluate your current diet, in order to implement long-lasting healthier eating habits
    • Proudly deliver high quality dishes

    CNC has branches in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

    Visit Carlton Nutrition Center (CNC) The center offers a wide range of diet plans, weight loss plans and well-being services to improve your health and maintain an ideal weight. The diet center delivers daily meal boxes to your home or workplace. Carlton Nutrition Center is located in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.